Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reflecting on 2010 New Years Resolutions

Last years I posted 4 New Years Resolutions. I like doing New Years resolutions because of the ritualistic feeling. It is one of those things that treats the year as a whole rather then important academic dates, holidays, and months of dull work connected only in that they are sequential.

So, how did I do last year?

1. More adventures:
I hiked two of the Gulf Islands. More adventures, check.

2. Pursue my personal projects:
I did okay here. I wrote my first non-fantasy short story. A bit of painting, a bit of drawing. I also had the nerve to let someone else read one of my nano-novels which although not as good as editing is pretty brave. Did the artists way course and changed writing from a procrastination to a reward. Still more to do but improved.

3. Learn social skills:
I did toastmasters so, check.

4. Less procrastination:
I handed some of my work to friends to read over. I modified my study habits. I am starting to understand how I work under pressure and why I stop working sometimes. Less procrastination, check.

I need more work in the personal projects area, and adventures. Lack of adventures last summer most likely had to do with a low level of food for the intensity of labour at my job. Next time, more food. I am quite pleased with this in any case. I like telling people that. I know that my resolutions are sort of like cheating, because they are general and not particular, as such it is easier to complete them then it would be to 'get in shape.' Maybe I should make it harder this year.

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