Thursday, January 6, 2011

New years resolutions 2011

This year my New Years resolutions sound more like a long term checklist. A very long checklist in fact. I don't know how I will remember to do all these things.

I didn't do much last year. I don't want to ask too much of myself this year but I am also bothered by my lack of interest in something that used to be, and appears to remain very important. Last year I managed to make art into a reward instead of a procrastinatory technique, now I need to desire that reward on a continuous basis.

☐ Submit to student journal for publication.
☐ Paint three pictures
☐ Write five Poems
☐ Write two short stories

As with Artistic pursuits I wish to continue on with what I have been doing. I am learning to cope with more work and learning to work on less stringent deadlines. 

☐ Read more essays
☐ Improve writing technique.
☐ Second reader for all essays.
☐ Submit one essay to a student journal.

I didn't do quite as much as I could have last year and I regret those adventures I did not have, although the ones I did have were quite as grand as I could wish.
☐ At least one day trip per month
☐ Bike/Camp Saltspring
☐ Hike to Hot Springs
☐ Bike Rural Saanich

The topic of my honours paper was Virtue Ethics. Something was bound to come up with that much immersion in the subject. I am now a more ethical human being, I think.

☐ Acquire first aid kit.
☐ Learn about emergency procedures in my area.
☐ Watch for morally dangerous situations.

These things are in the Volunteer section but my desire to do them has nothing to do with doing my part for society. That is simply a pleasant byproduct.

☐ Philosophy summer camp.
☐ Be a better Peer Helper.

This is the challenge section. The goals here are both for very common and fairly unmanageable.

☐ Get up at 7:30AM every day.
☐ Morning walk/jog. 30 minutes. 5 days a week.
☐ Become a better self-modifier.
☐ Eat healthier. (what does that even mean?)
☐ Try something new.

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