Saturday, January 2, 2010

New years resolutions

There are times for originality but New Years is not one of them. In other words I couldn't think how to meta-blog New Years resolutions so I'm just going to post them.

1. More adventures: I have a bike now, which makes this easier. Adventures of the physical and mental kind. Somewhat equivalent to Nanowrimo's 'big, fun, scary.'

2. Pursue my personal projects: I need to edit my novel, paint more (I haven't done much art in a while but my grandmother sent me water colour pencil crayons for Christmas and inspired me to start again by telling me how much talent she thought I had,) write some short stories, and suchlike.

3. Learn social skills: I'm going to take a public speaking class and I might consider going to some nicer parties and trying to smooze. I also want to make sure I stay in touch with people better.

4. Less procrastination:  I am going to very slowly increase the amount of work I do and encourage myself to use my time productively. I have come to terms with the fact that this is not something that just changes. I did better last semester and I will do even better this spring.


chaospet said...

These are all excellent resolutions, good luck with them!

Liosis said...

Thank you very much!