Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our house on Braefoot

Sometime ago I posted about a scammer advertising a house on Braefoot Road. I am glad that I did because I helped others apart from myself avoid this scam and could share my frustration with a few people.

But I thought I should report an odd coincidence, for the sake of pointing out that life is sometimes strange. I will be living on Braefoot. This house actually exists. It very obviously does. It has a bit of history and a bit of glory and a green house. It is strange, though my roommates do not mind it, that the first place we considered (a scam) happens to be the same street, the same block, as the home we will now have.

Canadian firearms registry

I am Canadian, but I do not often feel pride in it. I find Canada too big and too varied. How can I feel pride in something when I have only ever seen a tiny portion of it? When most of it's people are totally different from me? I could see pride in it's policies but policies do not make a common culture, a common belief system!

There is one thing of which I feel pride. Our gun policy. I have visited the USA. I went to Washington. It is hardly so different from Vancouver Island but I was aware that there were guns there. It is a different way of approaching the world. People are more confident but also less trusting. They do not need to trust if they have a gun.

I was baffled by the controversy around firearms registry. You are permitted a gun if you need one. Why is that a problem? People cite massacres that have occurred because no one on site had a gun. This is idiotic. How do you predict the sort of horror and insanity that comes from pushing people too close together? It is not lack of guns that causes this, it is too many people too close with a great deal of pressure on them. It is a horror but the horror could be put down just as well to midterms as to lack of guns. Furthermore it has happened in locations that have guns such as the USA so that cannot rightly be argued.