Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm a witch, burn me!

Today in our Rationalists class my roommate and I discovered that I am a witch. The teacher commented about how in the past witches were supposed to be people doing harm or mischief and now it tends to be people into organic gardening.

I organic gardening. I attend old growth rallies. I am a vegetarian.

All these things are presently the activities of witches in BC. Therefore I must be a witch.

I am also a dualist and a moral realist. I think this is why I have problems talking in my philosophy classes. Because I'm crazy.


Elisabeth said...

Of course you know how they dealt with witches in the middle ages,to test out whether they were genuine.

They suspended the witch in a chair over a stream and dropped her in.

If she drowned she was innocent, pity that she was now dead but her death proved her innocence.

If she survived she was guilty and as a witch was burned at the stake.

Not much choice there. No wonder you're silent in your philosophy classes.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Bizarre how the meanings of words can shift so much over time. Sometimes they lose all meaning together--I mean, really, what is a "witch" nowadays? Any liberal environmentalist?