Monday, December 31, 2007

This blogs reading level

Apparently college-postgrad. Not always accurate but it is an interesting program. I do believe that those ranked at elementary school level are the best writers around.

I tested the widget. Things with longer paragraphs are a higher reading level, along with the jargon and suchlike. Blogs with incomplete sentences also require a higher-reading level. Only a creature of staggering intellect will understand the angst ridden, chat-speak and slang blogs common to, umm, angsty teenagers I hope. Though I suppose many can make the error of a black background.

In conclusion, a fun toy but do not take 'genius' as is. It might just mean you cannot spell. I tried to make my blog easier to read after seeing that, with the apparent effect of making it harder to read. Apparently I'm a postgrad now 0.o


Conda said...

I'm willing to bet that most writer's blogs are at a pretty high level. And I agree the simply written blogs are better written. The problem, I think, is that writers adore words, complex sentence structures, incomplete sentences and tons of punctuation...(like ellipsis and parenthesis, two of my favs).

Suzanne Lieurance said...


I'm a children writer. It's my job to write simply and to-the-point. And I can tell you, that is really, really difficult sometimes.

But I love what I do - making things clear, so more people can understand and enjoy the information or story.

Happy New Year!

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach