Saturday, June 11, 2011

25 dollars a week on food

University means debt, grad school means more debt, and I do not have a job at the moment. I joined my partner in thinking that maybe I should keep a tighter hold of my spending, particularly on food because that is the only thing I really buy. I eat quite healthy and rarely go out to restaurants, but nonetheless I have been living a bit beyond my means lately. I like to own various different oils and Asian sauces. Sometimes I want chocolate or rhubarb pie, or cookies with half a cup of butter in them. When I first moved out I would never buy ice cream. Now I buy a 4 l tub when it is on sale at a dollar per litre. This is more sensible then purchasing it at a higher rate, but can I afford it? Am I willing to sacrifice my present happiness knowing that I will be in difficulty in the future when I finish school.

To some degree I am, otherwise I wouldn't be in school. So long as the economy doesn't not fall apart so completely that there is no job for me, I can do okay. I do not have a disposition to suffer unduly. Being poor will not overwhelm me. For one thing I am not willing to risk my health in order to eat more cheaply. That to me is foolish.

So what I will be doing is pulling in my finances, taking a look at what I am buying, and limiting the luxury goods like ice cream. I might up date on this from time to time, but honestly I do not think it is that exciting. I have discovered that various blogs are dedicated entirely to eating cheaply, who report their receipts at the end of the week. Although it is somewhat interesting to know what people are eating it is not something that would keep my attention.


JJ said...

I have been making a menu for my family for 2 yrs now. I decide at the beginning of the month what meal we will be having each night and write it down on a calendar. Then I Write down everything I need to make each item on the menu. This has cut down on my budget by half. try it and see if you like it.

Thanks for finding my blog...i'm always interested in reading new blogs. ooh ps i sometimes take the pics on my blog. but some are stock photos.

jesse said...

I like that idea. I think I shall try it and see if it works. I don't think I will stay on $25 a week, though: Life is sad without cheese.

I also enjoy finding new blogs. I collect them so that every morning I have something to read, because I prefer learn about the world through people rather then the newspaper.