Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shrine to student housing

We gave away the household budgie today and I proceeded to rearrange the room. I ended up with what Amber calls an oubliette. It is one of those awkward spaces in the corner of a room that is not quite accessible and cannot quite be used for anything, as such things gather there that you do not wish to use but do not wish to store too far from use. Amber pointed this out and I decided that the corner needed a plant. We ended up with what appears to be a shrine to student housing.

Storage, childhood crafts, and an empty bottle bottle once used to hold candles.
Note the UVic bunny, power cord, and router.


Conda V. Douglas said...

Oh, strange, I like it--but I always thought an oubliette was a torture device?

Jesse said...

It is, but in the labyrinth they refer to it as a place you put things you want to forgot and we both love that movie.